Deck Rail / Post End Brackets, 6x6, KHAKI Color (25) - Deck / Fence Railing End / Base Brackets (Pylex Fixplak 66), KHAKI Color. Powder coated 1.4mm (0.055) steel. Fits 6x6 Wood (about 5-1/2 to 5-3/4). 25/Box. Price/Box. (shipping leadtime 2-4 days)
Deck Rail / Post End Brackets, 6x6, KHAKI Color (25)
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Deck / Fence Railing End or Base Brackets, Khaki Color. Powder coated 1.4mm (0.055) steel, Pylex Fixplak 66. Fits 6x6 nominal Wood (about 5-1/2 to 5-3/4). 25/Box. Price/Box. (partial boxes not returnable)

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 2-4 business days.


Deck Rail End Brackets fits 6x6 inch nominal wood.


  • Colors: Khaki, White, Black and Cedar colors
  • Sizes: To fit 2x4 inch, 2x3 inch, 4x4 inch, 6x6 inch wood beams
  • Covers: Finish trim cover # DECK-12000



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