TPO P/S Roofing Membrane, 60 Mil, WHITE (10x100 ft.) - TPO Peel and Stick (PAS) Self Adhering Roofing Membrane, QA Quick-Applied, 60 mil, WHITE, Reinforced, Fire Rated. 10 Wide x 100 Foot Roll. Price/Roll. (441 lbs)
TPO P/S Roofing Membrane, 60 Mil, WHITE (10x100 ft.)
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TPO Peel and Stick (PAS) Self Adhering Roofing Membrane, QA Quick-Applied, 60 mil, WHITE, Reinforced, Fire Rated. 10 x 100 Ft. Roll. Price/Roll. (441 lbs)

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WeatherBond PAS white TPO is a nominal 60 reinforced TPO membrane laminated to a 100%-solids, hot-melt elastomeric quick-applied adhesive. The fact that this product is installed using no traditional bonding adhesive offers several advantages to contractors and building owners.

Lay Flat Technology: Years of extensive trials comparing various adhesives and substrates have resulted in a self-adhering TPO that utilizes the perfect combination of high-performance adhesive and membrane. WeatherBond PAS TPO off ers unmatched adhesion and a beautiful fi nished product. This provides a clean and consistent finished look, free of wrinkles and blemishes.

Up to 80% Labor Savings: Crews can complete more work in less time with WeatherBond PAS TPO. The pre-applied bonding adhesive results in a quick, simple installation process. This product delivers numerous time and labor saving benefits.

Odor Free: Ideal for hospital and other odor sensitive applications. Bright White reflective surfaces is Energy Star qualified and Title 24 compliant. FM, UL and CRRC rated. An uncoated edge is maintained to allow for heat welded field seams. The release liner is silicon-coated on both sides to provide consistent, easy release from the adhesive.



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