TPO P/S Roofing Membrane, 60 Mil, WHITE (10x100 ft.) - TPO Peel and Stick (PAS) Self Adhering Roofing Membrane, QA Quick-Applied, 60 mil, WHITE, Reinforced, Fire Rated. 10 Wide x 100 Foot Roll. Price/Roll. (441 lbs)
TPO P/S Roofing Membrane, 60 Mil, WHITE (10x100 ft.)
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PRODUCT: TPO Peel and Stick (PAS) Self Adhering Roofing Membrane, QA Quick-Applied, 60 mil, WHITE, Reinforced, Fire Rated. 10 x 100' Roll. Price/Roll. (441 lbs)

DESCRIPTION: WeatherBond PAS white TPO is a nominal 60 reinforced TPO membrane laminated to a 100%-solids, hot-melt elastomeric quick-applied adhesive. The fact that this product is installed using no traditional bonding adhesive offers several advantages to contractors and building owners.
  • Lay Flat Technology: Years of extensive trials comparing various adhesives and substrates have resulted in a self-adhering TPO that utilizes the perfect combination of high-performance adhesive and membrane. WeatherBond PAS TPO off ers unmatched adhesion and a beautiful fi nished product. This provides a clean and consistent finished look, free of wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Up to 80% Labor Savings: Crews can complete more work in less time with WeatherBond PAS TPO. The pre-applied bonding adhesive results in a quick, simple installation process. This product delivers numerous time and labor saving benefits.
  • Odor Free: Ideal for hospital and other odor sensitive applications.
  • Bright White reflective surfaces is Energy Star qualified and Title 24 compliant.
  • FM, UL and CRRC rated.
  • An uncoated edge is maintained to allow for heat welded field seams.
  • The release liner is silicon-coated on both sides to provide consistent, easy release from the adhesive.



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