RT200 Clamp On Snow Guard, Bronze - Berger RT-200 Cast Bronze Clamp On Snow Guards. Fits Copper & Metal Roofs with Standing Seams up to 3/16 thick and 1 inch high. Price/Each. (UPS shipping only)
RT200 Clamp On Snow Guard, Bronze
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Berger RT-200 Cast Bronze Snow Guard. Price/Each.

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Berger RT series snow guards are non-penetrating devices which are secured to the standing seams of metal roofs utilizing stainless steel set screws to clamp them in place. Face is about 0.240 inch thick, 4-3/4 inch wide x 2-1/4 inch high. They can be mounted as close as 5 inch side-by-side. They require no glues or sealants, and will not restrict thermal movement or contribute to unsightly oil-canning. RT Snow Guards are available in cast aluminum and cast bronze, and in two sizes to accommodate differing seam widths. They are particularly suited to double-lock and mechanically seamed metal roofing, and being traditional in design, they are ideal for restoration and preservation work


Designed to accommodate seams of up to 3/16 inch (0.188 inch thick) and no higher than 1 inch. Suitable for use with light gauge sheet metals such as 40lb. terne, 26 gauge galvanized, 16 ounce copper, lead coated copper and TCS.


  • Available in mill finish cast aluminum, bronze, medium gloss black epoxy primer finish, and custom painted (3 week lead time, special order non-returnable item).

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