Low VOC Primer, for EPDM and TPO (1-Qt) - WeatherBond Low VOC Primer, for EPDM and TPO Membranes. 1-Quart Can. Price/Can. (Flammable. Truck or UPS Ground Shipment Only).
Low VOC Primer, for EPDM and TPO (1-Qt)
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PRODUCT: WeatherBond Low VOC Primer, for EPDM and TPO Membranes. 1-Quart Can. Price/Can. (Flammable. Truck or UPS Ground Shipment Only).

Weatherbond Low-VOC Primer is a solvent-based product designed for one-step cleaning and priming of EPDM or TPO surfaces prior to the application of Pre-Applied Seam Tape and all other peel & stick products. This product is designed to comply with VOC regulations. Applications: Use prior to application of seam tape (also known as Tape Activator), Peel-and-stick seam tapes, cover tapes, roof coatings and adhesives.
COVERAGE RATES:  Approximately 250 square feet/gallon can be expected when properly applied to old membrane. Higher coverage rates (up to 700 sqft/g) can be expected with new clean no-dust membranes.

APPLICATION: Apply in a single thin coat by scrubbing into the surface with proper gloves and a rag. Read MSDS Sheet and PRODUCT DATA SHEET before ordering and using. Mixing is NOT recommended, even when settling occurs. The polymer used in primer contains a non-soluble partitioning agent that may settle to the bottom of the can. Do not attempt to break up or stir back into the primer.
CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS:  Read MSDS Sheet before opening or use.
1. This product is FLAMMABLE. Precautions must be taken to keep the primer away from heat, flame and sparks during storage and use.
2. Keep container closed when not in use. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
3. Chemically resistant gloves must be worn with Primer to protect hands from staining and irritation. Hycron® gloves or nitrile gloves are suitable for this purpose.
4. Shake can well before using. If needed, thoroughly stir this product until all settled pigment is blended into the solution. Solids suspended in Primer tend to settle. Stir or agitate the solution frequently during use (every 15-20 minutes).
5. Use Primer full strength. Do not thin. Thinning will affect performance.
6. Weatherbond Primer may cause staining of White membrane and other non-black surfaces where exposed in the sun.
7. Job site storage temperatures in excess of 90° F may affect product shelf life. Should the primer be stored at temperatures lower than 60° F, restore to room temperature prior to use.
8. Keep can tightly closed when not in use to protect from moisture contamination. Once exposed to moisture in the air, Multipurpose Primer begins to cure and may gel within a few days. A gasket of membrane or sealant can be used to create a positive seal.
9. Due to solvent flash-off, condensation may form on freshly applied Multipurpose Primer when the ambient temperature is near the dew point. If condensation develops, the application of primer must be discontinued (proper adhesion will not be obtained). Allow the surface to dry and apply a thin fresh coat of primer to the previously coated surface when conditions allow.
Technical Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet
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