Conipur 275 Waterproofing Topcoat, Interior Grade, BLACK (4.78G) - CONIPUR 275 WATERPROOFING INTERIOR GRADE TOP COAT (color pigment not UV resistant), BLACK COLOR, 2-COMPONENT, 4.78G KIT. PRICE/KIT. (special order, see detail view for ordering notes)
Conipur 275 Waterproofing Topcoat, Interior Grade, BLACK (4.78G)
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Conipur Conipur 275 Waterproofing Top Coat, black color, Interior Grade (color Pigment Not Uv Resistant), 2-Component, 4.78 Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (BASF #103069)

Ordering Notes:

  • Special order, shipping leadtime is 1-3 weeks for small orders. For 3 kits or more it can be drop shipped more quickly directly from the factory.


A TWO component fast curing polyurethane waterproofing TOPCOATING for use over Conipur 265-Z system in non-UV areas. Cures in 3-4 hours. Cures in cool weather, down to 40F. Very low odor. Suitable for occupied applications. Excellent chemical resistance. Protects against common parking deck chemicals including gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, alcohol, ethylene glycol, de-icing salts, bleach and cleaning agents. Very high solids (99% by weight). The Conipur 275 is used in conjunction with a Conipur 78 Primer and Conipur 265 basecoat.


Use on high-traffic areas including parking ramps, mechanical rooms, stadiums, balconies, plaza decks, balcony decks etc. Substrates: Exterior-grade plywood or concrete. Not for use over asphalt or bitumen type surfaces. Locations: Interior or Exterior, Above Grade.

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