Propane Tank Hook-Up Kit, Low Pressure, POL - Propane Tank Hook-Up Kit. 10 foot hose, low pressure (11 in. WC, 1/2 PSI) regulator, POL fitting input, 3/8 in. flare swivel and end outlet. Price/Kit.
Propane Tank Hook-Up Kit, Low Pressure, POL
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Propane Tank Hook-Up Kit. 10 foot Hose, Low Pressure (11 inch WC, 1/2 PSI) regulator, POL Fitting Input, 3/8 inch Flare Swivel and End Outlet. Price/Kit.


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This LP Gas hook-up kit provides the connecting link between LP cylinder and a low pressure appliance such as a stock tank heater, gas grill, Patio Light, RV and more. Not for use on torches or any high pressure equipment. Made in the USA by Flame Engineering.


  • P-3200W Excess Flow P.O.L. (Attaches kit to LP cylinder)
  • RSL-1 11 inch WC (1/2 PSI) Regulator.
  • SL-1C 10 ft. Hose 3/8 inch Flare swivel attaches to most grills and other appliances designed to operate at 11 inch WC.
  • Pipe Thread Sealant.


  • Hose outlet is 3/8 inch Female Flare.
  • Hose inlet is a 3/8 inch MPT which fits outlet of regulator.
  • Regulator outlet is 3/8 inch FPT.
  • Regulator inlet is 1/4 inch FPT.
  • POL fitting outlet is a 1/4 inch MPT.


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