#12 X 1-1/2 Pancake Head #5 TEK, Zinc (250) - #12-24 X 1-1/2 Inch PANCAKE HEAD TEK, #5 SELF DRILLING TEK. #2 SQUARE DRIVE,  ZINC PLATED. 250/BAG. PRICE/BAG. (aka # 1545855 /#S4750)
#12 X 1-1/2 Pancake Head #5 TEK, Zinc (250)
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#12-24 X 1-1/2 inch Pancake Head TEK, #5 Self Drilling Tek, #2 Square Drive. 1545855 /#S4750. Zinc Plated. 250/Bag. Price/Bag. (aka # 1545855 /#S4750)


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Commonly used as metal clip fastener for standing seam metal roof clips and other low profile roofing attachments. Designed with unique head styles, drill point configurations and material types to meet performance requirements to attach standing seam roof clips. Engineered profile features preventing panel damage from fastener head contact. Installation torque drive control for uniform installation performance.

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