NP1 Caulking Sealant, Pallet/1440 Tubes (SPECIFY COLOR) - MasterSeal NP1 (formerly Sonolastic NP1) One-Part Polyurethane Caulking Sealant, 10.1 oz / 300mL Tubed. 30 Tubes/Case. 48 Cases/Pallet (1440 tubes). Price/Pallet. (specify color before adding to cart)
NP1 Caulking Sealant, Pallet/1440 Tubes (SPECIFY COLOR)
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PRODUCT: MasterSeal NP1 (formerly Sonolastic NP1) One-Part Polyurethane Caulking Sealant, SPECIFY COLOR, 10.1 oz / 300mL Tubed. 30 Tubes/Case. 48 Cases/Pallet (1440 tubes). Price/Pallet.

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FEATURES: MasterSeal NP 1 Polyurethane Sealant (formerly Sonolastic NP1; its the same product.
  • The worlds most popular exterior Sealant formula. Extremely weather resistant.
  • One-component high-performance gun-grade moisture-curing polyurethane sealant.
  • Fully guaranteed, factory-fresh product.
  • 800% elongation, 350 psi tensile and +/- 35% joint movement capability. NP-1 handles most every exterior application up to 1-1/2" wide joints.
  • NP-1™ bonds well to most construction materials without a primer, including concrete and masonry.
  • NP1 dries with a smooth, paintable finish.
  • NP2: can be custom tinted or accelerated for faster cures. NP2 handles joints up to 2 inches wide. Requires mixing and bulk dispensing equipment.
  • 1.5 Gallon pails.
  • 20 Ounce Sausage Packs, 20 sausages per case.
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