FR531 Spanish Tile, 3-Pipe Snow Guard - FitRite #531 Snow Guard for Spanish Tile Roof, 3-Pipe, Solid Aluminum, 14 inch long overall. Price/Each. (Special Order: 3-4 week leadtime; UPS shipping only)
FR531 Spanish Tile, 3-Pipe Snow Guard
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FitRite #531 Snow Guard for Spanish Tile Roof, Solid Aluminum, 3-Pipe, 14 inch long overall. Price/Each.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 3-4 weeks.
  • Special order; UPS shipping only.


Model 531 Snow Fence Bracket is cast from solid aluminum for lifetime durability. Fits Ludowici Tiles. Fits to other tiles is not exact. The castings have been carefully engineered to assure maximum strength at the points of the greatest stress when under load. Holes for rails are 1.125 inch to accommodate 1.05 inch (O.D.) iron or stainless steel pipe. The brackets are adjustable to roof pitch.


  • Typically installed along the perimeter of tile roofs to prevent the sudden and unexpected sliding of snow. When used in combination with individual guards (Field Array), it offers the greatest protection against any sliding of accumulated snow or ice, and the subsequent damage.


  • Bracket is solid cast aluminum. The assemble Base is integrally cast to the aluminum tile, which is to be the same size and shape of the roof tile. Castings are predrilled and countersunk for fasteners. Parts B and C are cast malleable iron, with a zinc plating. Bolts are coarse thread zinc.


  • Install snow fence bracket parallel to the eave, spacing the brackets from 24 inch to no more than 48 inch apart, depending upon the pitch of the roof and the anticipated snow load. Install brackets approximately 24 inch to 36 inch from the roof edge.
  • Recommended installation method is to use through bolts, with a backer plate on the underside of the sheathing. The use of galvanized, bronze, brass or stainless steel pipe or rod is recommended. Copper water pipe is NOT recommended.
  • In high snow load, and a rafter of over 25 ft., a second row of fence is recommended. As an alternative, or in areas where ice slides are possible, supplement the fence system with an array of model #200T snow guards.


  • Available in designs to fit Spanish Tiles, Mission Tiles, Designer Tiles and French Tiles.



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