Disposable Pants, Standard Weight Sbp, Xl, (50) - DISPOSABLE XL SIZE PROTECTIVE PANTS (fits most L-XL), ELASTIC WAIST, WHITE COLOR. MADE FROM STANDARD WEIGHT SPUN BOND POLYPROPYLENE. 50/CASE. PRICE/CASE. <strong>Sorry, This Item is Currently Unavailable.</strong>
Disposable Pants, Standard Weight Sbp, Xl, (50)
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Disposable XL Size Protective Pants (fits most L-XL), Elastic Waist, White Color. Made From Standard Weight Spun Bond Polypropylene. 50/Case. Price/Case. Sorry, This Item is Currently Unavailable.

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Disposable XL Size Protective pants have serged seams, elastic waists, and open ankles.


The pants have serged seams, elastic waists, and open ankles. Wide leg opening design easily slips over other apparel without tearing. The crotch and upper leg area have extra reinforcement and sizing to resist tear or excessive stress or discomfort.


  • SMB is spun-bonded polypropylene in a single layers. Standard 35 GMS / 1.25 oz. material. SBP provides an optimal mix of protection and comfort.


  • SBP is commonly used for medical gowns, pharmaceuticals, cleaning, food processing, light construction.
  • These suits are untreated fabrics and are not recommended for use with liquid pesticides, liquid chemicals or for fire protection.


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