Proteco Wrap Tile Flash 30XL,12 in 50 ft. Rolls (Case/ 4) - Protecto Wrap Tile Flash XL 30, 12 inch Wide x 50 Foot Rolls. 4 Rolls/Case. Price/Case (200 feet total; shipping leadtime 2-3 days).
Proteco Wrap Tile Flash 30XL,12 in 50 ft. Rolls (Case/ 4)
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Protecto Wrap Tile Flash 30XL, 12 inch Wide x 50 Foot Rolls. 4 Rolls/Case. Price/Case. (200 feet total)

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 2-4 business days.


UV Exposable Peel and Stick, Wind and Rain, Block and Hip Ridge Detail tape, for use under Roof Tiles, and general flashing. Features a black film facer for hidden look under tile. Aluminum Core for long term UV resistance and life. Self-adhering tape adheres and seals to the contours of the tile roof. 12 inch width fits for low or high profile tile. All-weather, can be exposed to the elements. 10 Year Limited Warranty. Moldable SBS Membrane is pliable and has excellent conformability characteristics. Meets the Roof Tile Institute, Issue #01-701 Recommendations for Weather Blocking on Flat, Low, and High Profile Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles.


  • Tile Roofing, Hip and Ridge Flashing
  • General Roof Flashing


  • Protecto Wrap waterproofing products meet or exceed waterproofing properties of sheet membranes or liquid coatings for almost any job such as floor, tile and roof underlayments, window and roof flashing and others.
  • Width (each roll): 12 inch
  • Length (each roll): 50 ft.
  • Sold 4 rolls per case



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