RoofMate HT High Tensile Elastomeric Roof Coating, LIGHT TAN (5G) - Roof Mate HT, High Tensile Elastomeric Roof Coating, LIGHT TAN color. Meets ASTM D6083, Energy Star and is CCRC Listed. 5-Gallon Bucket. Price/Bucket.
RoofMate HT High Tensile Elastomeric Roof Coating, LIGHT TAN (5G)
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PRODUCT: Roof Mate HT, High Tensile Elastomeric Roof Coating, LIGHT TAN color. Meets ASTM D6083, Energy Star and is CCRC Listed.5-Gallon Bucket. Price/Bucket.
DESCRIPTION: ROOF MATE HT is specially formulated for roofing conditions subject to maintenance / light traffic applications, severe weather, chemical fallout, etc. The tensile strength and hardness are double of regular elastomeric roof coating, while still providing exceptional elongation and very low moisture permeability.
ROOFMATE HT is a water-based, high solids (62%) elastomeric coating utilizing the latest advances in acrylic technology. Premium quality 100% acrylic resins are combined with reinforcing laminar pigments, an effective biocide package and non-migrating fire retardants, resulting in superior durability, weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance, algae/mildew resistance and fire retardant.
ROOF MATE HT is a highly reflective, permanently flexible, “breathing” membrane, allowing moisture vapor from the substrate or building interior to escape while remaining impervious to mass water penetration from the exterior. ROOF MATE HT forms a monolithic, waterproof elastomeric seal, uniformly covering the textured profile of these substrates, providing protection from weathering, aging and ultraviolet exposure.
APPLICATIONS: ROOFMATE HT was especially developed for extending the life of:
ROOFMATE is also available in:
  • RoofMate HT - a high-tensile strength version for roof areas subject to heavy maintenance traffic, severe weather conditions, chemical fallout, etc.,
  • RoofMate LP for asphaltic substrates
  • RoofMate QS - a quick set version for use on applications where a more rapid resistance to moisture is necessary
  • RoofMate Basecoat - especially developed for use in embedding reinforcement fabric at detail areas and/or over the entire roof.
  • RoofMate Butter Grade - for applying around protrusions, and into heavily alligatored areas in weathered built-up roofing
1. Solids by Weight: 62% (±2) [ASTM D1644]
2. Solids by Volume: 52% (±2) [ASTM D2697]
3. Weight per Gallon: 11.8 lbs. (±.2) (1.41 kg/l) [ASTM D1475]
4. Dry Time for Light Foot Traffic Resistance:* 2 hours @ 70°F (21°C), 50% R.H. White @ 16 wet mils (406 microns) *Required time will increase @ higher humidities
5. Ultimate Tensile Strength: 550 psi (±20) (4.0 MPa) @ 70°F (21°C) [ASTM D412]
6. Elongation at Break: 500% (±30) @ 70F (21°C) [ASTM D412]
7. Hardness: 75 - 80 Shore A [ASTM D626]
8. Permeance: 2.5 U.S. perms (3.76 metric perms) @ 20 mils (508 microns) [ASTM D1653]
9. High Temperature Stability: No age hardening up to 250°F (121°C) [ASTM D794]
10. Bond Strength: Exceeds cohesive strength of coating [ASTM C794]
11. Surface Temperature Limits for Service Conditions: -30°F to 180°F (-35°C to 82°C)
12. Code Approvals: ROOF MATE HT is UL classified as a Class “A” Fluid Applied Coating System, and as a Class A, B or C Maintenance & Repair System as outlined in the UL Roofing Materials & Systems Directory and UL website. It is Factory Mutual Approved for recover over FMRC rated BUR or insulated metal panels. UL 790 Class A, Factory Mutual Class I, ICC Legacy Report.
Resistance To Foot Traffic: Tests were conducted to determine the ability of the roof cover/insulation combination to resist foot traffic. After completion of the testing, the samples showed no sign of tearing or cracking. Refer to Factory Mutual Approval Guide or Job Identification #J.I.0B9A2.AM
Simulated Windstorm Classification Pull Tests: Wind uplift tests were conducted to evaluate the ability of the deck components to resist a simulated wind uplift force without failure of the assembly. ROOF MATE HT passed the Class 1-180 wind uplift requirements over a variety of polyurethane foams. Refer to Factory Mutual Approval Guide or Job Identification #J.I.0Z3Q4.AM.
Simulated Hail Damage Tests: Simulated hail damage tests were conducted to evaluate the ability of the roof cover/insulation combinations to withstand a hailstorm without damage to the covering. After 10 drops of the impactor apparatus, the ROOF MATE HT showed no sign of cracking, splitting, internal separation, delamination or rupture. Refer to Factory Mutual Approval Guide or Job Identification # J.I.0B9A2.AM.
COLOR OPTIONS: ROOF MATE is available standard in  White, Tan, Light Tan and Light Gray colors, which are all certified to meet ENERGY STAR®, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and LEED reflectance and emissivity criteria. White and Light Tan also meet California Title 24 requirements. ROOF MATE is also available in standard Medium Gray.
PACKAGING OPTIONS: Standard in 5G and 55G.
APPLICATION: ROOFMATE is easily rolled on, or pumped and sprayed at material temperatures of 60°F (16°C) or greater. DO not dilute. An airless sprayer is best suited for large field area applications. Use a power mixer capable of uniformly mixing the entire container prior to use. 

COVERAGE: Apply at the rate of 1-gallon per 100 square feet PER COAT. Irregular surfaces and longer warranty systems may require more coat coating (s).

WARRANTY: ROOFMATE HT warranties are available for five (5), ten (10) or fifteen (15) year periods. The warranties guarantee the installation against leaks caused by normal weathering.
LIMITATIONS: ROOF MATE requires complete evaporation of water to cure. Cool temperatures and high humidity retard cure. Do not apply if weather conditions will not permit complete cure before rain, dew, fog or freezing temperatures occur. Do not apply in the late afternoon if heavy moisture condensation may appear during the night. Do not use over cold storage tanks or buildings where a vapor barrier is required. Do not allow product to freeze or use when application or cure temperatures
CAUTIONS: Read MSDS sheet prior to opening.
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