WallSecure Drywall Bonding Adhesive,  28 Oz Tubes (Case of  12) - WallSecure Economical Drywall Adhesive from ChemLink. Odor Free, meets all VOC requirements, 100% solvent free adhesive, Tan Color, 28 Oz Tubes. 12 Tubes/Case. Price/CASE.
WallSecure Drywall Bonding Adhesive, 28 Oz Tubes (Case of 12)
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WallSecure economical drywall adhesive from ChemLink. Odor free, meets all VOC requirements, solvent free, low allergy adhesive, tan color, 28 oz tubes. 12 tubes/case. Price/case.

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WallSecure is a solvent-free, non-flammable, low odor, allergy free, moisture-curing adhesive. Its primary uses are adhering drywall to wood, wood to metal or installing EPS foam insulation. With 100% solids, it fills gaps to secure irregular surfaces without shrinking. WallSecure can also be applied in temperatures down to 30 °F. WallSecure should not be used in areas subject to continuous moisture. Also, treated wood should be allowed to cure for six months before application.


  • Quick Curing: Cures much quicker than Polyurethane based products
  • Drywall and gypsum-board
  • Safe for expanded polystyrene foam
  • 100% solids -- No shrinkage
  • Single component -- no mixing
  • No solvents -- Safe to use indoors or in confined spaces; no odor after curing (mild ester odor before cure), ideal for allergy sensitive applications
  • No bubbling during cure
  • Gun grade -- No special tools or mixing


  • Composition: Chem Link BuildSecure is a 100% solids, solvent-free, formulated silyl-terminated polyether adhesive.
  • Solvent Content: BuildSecure contains no solvents or V.O.C.'s.
  • Proposition 65: This product contains no proposition 65 listed materials.


  • ASTM 3498
  • HUD-UM-60a and AFG-01 for sub-flooring


Bonding surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, oil and debris. If surfaces require cleaning, use alcohol. See data sheet for more detailed instructions.


Available in 10.1 oz tubes, 20 oz sausages, 28 oz tubes, 5G pails, 50G drums.

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