30 x 36 Economy Roof Access Hatch, Red, Galv. Steel, Self Flashing - DISC. 30 x 36 inch opening Economy Roof Access Hatch, with hinge on the 30 inch side. Red Powder Coated 16 gauge galvanized steel with self-flashing steel base and 12 inch high curb. Price/Each. (special pricing, limited inventory)
30 x 36 Economy Roof Access Hatch, Red, Galv. Steel, Self Flashing
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PRODUCT: DISCONTINUD ITEM. 30" x 36" opening Economy Roof Access Hatch, with hinge on the 30 inch side. Red Powder Coated 16 gauge galvanized steel with self flashing steel base. Price/Each. (special pricing, limited inventory)


  • Ideal for roof hatch replacement and retrofits.
  • Roof access steel hatch with electro-statically applied, thermally-fused high-gloss RED powder coating.
  • Meets all industry test standards.
  • Made in USA. 
Curb Construction: The Curb includes a 1x11" pine board surrounding the base. Base is 16 Ga. Galvanized steel with 1" solid mounting surface and is 12" in height with a 3-5/8" flange (overall base dimension with flange is 37-1/4 x 43-1/4"). Curb and cap flashing are fully welded at the corners to assure a watertight construction. Hinges are two piece formed steel, with a non-removable heavy duty pivot pin.

Certifications: The RHR includes components or materials that are ASTM certified under Specifications A792/A792M-06a; A653/A653M-06a; C726-05; and A36/A36M-05.

Covers: Cover is tapered; 16 Ga. Galvanized steel fully welded at the corners for a watertight construction. Inside cover liner is 22 Ga. The cover is insulated with a 1" thick fiberglass insulation and reinforced to support a 40lbs/sqft live load. The seal of the hatch lid is provided by an EPDM rubber gasket that is bonded to the lid.
Hardware: Provided hardware includes: An interior handle with a positive, one-point locking mechanism; exterior handle, and provisions for a padlock, both inside and out; pre-lubricated compression springs, encased in zinc-plated telescopic tubes, for smooth and controlled operation at any position. All hardware is corrosion resistant, and all fasteners are self-locking type.

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