Simpson Quik Drive PRO300RF System, Makita 2500 RPM Screwdriver - Simpson Quik Drive PRO300RF System, with Makita® 2500 rpm screwdriver motor. Price/Each.
Simpson Quik Drive PRO300RF System, Makita 2500 RPM Screwdriver
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Simpson Quik Drive PRORF Collated Screw Driver System. For Clay & Concrete Roofing Tile Attachment. Includes Makita® 2500 rpm screwdriver motor. Price/System.

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Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems are ideal for tile roofing because the rigid fastener strips provide hands-free screw advancement and professional-grade attachments provide long-lasting durability. Recommended for screw attachment of clay and concrete roofing tiles. Drives fasteners that meet state and local building code requirements. Window in nose allows exact screw placement.


  • Roof tile-to-wood.


  • QDPRO300SRFG2 Auto-feed attachment
  • Quiver for keeping screws at your fingertips
  • Tool case
  • Choice of Makita® screwdriver motors


  • Secure depth settings prevent tile breakage
  • Window in guide tube provides visibility to allow exact screw placement
  • Drives fasteners meeting code requirements
  • Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extension, 1 year limited warranty on screwdriver motors (see specific manufacturer's warranty for more information).

Compatible Tools:

  • Makita® 2500 rpm screwdriver motor
  • Makita® 2500 rpm adjustable torque screwdriver motor

Drive These Collated Screws:

Simpson Quik Drive PRORF System, Makita® 2500 rpm screwdriver motor

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