Albion # B26t600 Dual 300Ml Cartridge Dispensing Gun - Albion #B26T600 Dual Component Cartridge Caulking Gun. Handles 300/300mL and 300/150mL Multi-Component Dispening Gun. 26:1 High thrust with Metal Carriage. Price/Each.
Albion # B26t600 Dual 300Ml Cartridge Dispensing Gun
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PRODUCT: Albion #B26T600 Dual-Cartridge Dual-Component. Handles 300/300mL and 300/150mLDispensing Gun. 26:1 High thrust, with Metal Carriage. Price/Each.

APPLICATION: Multi-Component Dispensing Gun. It handles twin 300/300ml cartridges and converts easily to 300/150ml type. Heavy Duty dual injection gun with a 26:1 mechanical advantage. All three rods push the pistons of the dual cartridge simultaneously and are made with steel for durability.
  • 26:1 Thrust Ratio and super heavy-duty construction prevents bent push rods and provide longer life.
  • Hardened steel dual gripping plates extend tool life.
  • Engineered ergonomically for fatigue-free dispensing power.
  • Durable, trouble free and economical.
  • Ideal for dual-component, hard to pump material, thick material and cold weather.
  • Creates 900 Lb. Force
  • Converts from 300:300 to 300:150
  • 75/75 ml (B18T150V)
  • 150/150 ml, 150/75 (B18T300V)
  • 300/30 ml (B18T380I)
  • 750/750ml (B26T1500X)
  • 750/75, 600/300 (B26T825)
  • 600/300, 750/75 ml (BT26T900)
  • 200 series, 400 Series
  • 50 cc 1:1 and 2:1


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