BLACK EPDM Premolded INSIDE Corner Flashing - BLACK Color EPDM Pre-Molded INSIDE Corner Flashing, 6 x 6 x 8 inches high, .060-.075 mil Solid Black Virgin EPDM Rubber. Price/Each.
BLACK EPDM Premolded INSIDE Corner Flashing
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PRODUCT: BLACK Color EPDM Pre-Molded INSIDE Corner Flashing, 6 x 6 x 8 inches high, .060-.075 mil Solid Black Virgin EPDM Rubber. Price/Each.

DESCRIPTION: Superior NEW Mold design eliminates mold protrusions and irregularities of other designs. Also, inside corner is sharper to better fit tight areas. Inside corners provide a leak proof, weather resistant, uniform, permanent corner seal. Pre-molded Corners are 8" high with a 6 x 6" inside flat corner area. They are precision molded with .060 -0.075" thick Black EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer).

  • All types of EPDM Roofing
  • Hot-Applied Built-up Roofing
  • Neoprene roofing
Adhere to the roof as per roofing manufacturer's recommended specification.

  • Clean all surfaces (including corner).
  • Pre-apply M1 sealant to sharp inside corners or steps and smooth out. Let cure.
  • Apply EPDM primer to both flashing and roofing.
  • Apply EPDM bonding adhesive to both substrate and flashing. Let dry until not wet to finger.
  • Apply flashing to surface. Roll flashing well with roller tool.
  • Let adhesive cure overnight.
  • Caulk outside edge with M1 sealant.
  • Material: virgin white EPDM
  • Tensile Strength 685 psi (11.6 Mpa)
  • Elongation 480%
  • Tear Resistance 200 lbs./in (35 kN/m)
  • UV Resistant.
  • Ozone Resistance No cracks Condition after exposure to 100 pphm Ozone in air for 168 H @ 104°F (40°C) (Specimen under 50% strain)
  • Service Temperature: -60°F to +270F
  • Nominal Thickness: 60 to 75 mils
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