2-7/8 in. Hex Recessed Insulation Plate, Galvalume Steel (1000) - 2-7/8 in. HEX SHAPED, RECESSED, INSULATION BOARD STRESS PLATE, GALVALUME COATED STEEL. 1000/BOX. PRICE/BOX. (SFS # M7530)
2-7/8 in. Hex Recessed Insulation Plate, Galvalume Steel (1000)
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2-7/8 inch Hex Shaped, Recessed, Insulation Board Stress Plate, Galvalume Coated Steel. 1000/Box. Price/Box. (SFS # M7530)


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DEKFAST plates are Factory Mutual approved for attachment of insulation board to roof deck. Refer to Technical Bulletin 701 or FM Approval Guide and Supplements for current FM approved insulation fastening patterns.


  • OD: 2-2/8 inch Hex
  • ID: 0.265/0.270 inch nominal (fits #12, #14 and #15 screws)
  • Thickness: 0.020 inch nominal
  • Recessed Mount: Enables flush mount of #12 hex head roofing screws
  • Finish: AZ50 Galvalume


DEKFAST Steel Hex Insulation plates can be used with these DEKFAST fasteners:

  • #12 ROOFING SCREWS, Standard, Stainless and Hex
  • #14 Roofing Screws, "
  • #15 Roofing Screws, "
  • TPR (the peel rivet)
  • 1/4 inch Spike


  • Also available pre-assembled.

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