#2 Retrofit Master Flash **Gray** EPDM Square-Base Flashing - #2 Retrofit Master Flash **gray** Color EPDM Pipe Flashing (#rf201gp). Fits 4 To 9-1/4 Inch Dia. Pipes. Price/each. (Aztec RF201GS; order in full boxes of 5 for discounts; #1 size shown in photo))
#2 Retrofit Master Flash **Gray** EPDM Square-Base Flashing
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  PRODUCT: #2 Retrofit Master Flash GRAY COLOR EPDM Flashing (Aztec RF201GP). Fits 4" To 9-1/4" Round Pipes. Price/each. (Order in full boxes of 5 for discounts, #1 size shown in photo).

APPLICATIONS: Retrofit flashings (also called a split flashing/or split boot) are used in applications where you cannot slide the flashing over / down a penetration. The retrofit flashing is split which allows you to wrap around the pipe penetration and seal.

Overall height is 5-3/4". Base is 14-1/4" x 14-1/4".

FASTENERS AND SEALANT: Includes cable tying strap and button fasteners for closing/sealing the side. Screws for attaching to roof are not included. M1 sealant is recommended at bottom, side seal, and top.

Flexible Base Design:
Sealing tightly with sealant and fastener, the infinitely flexible base is compatible with virtually any roofing material -- metal, plastic, asphalt, tile, rubber membrane, and more.

Roof Pitch-Adaptability:
The stepped-cone design makes Master Flash easily adaptable to every roof pitch.

Master Flash saves Time and Money:
It's a proven choice in universal flashings.

* Plumbing, heating/air conditioning vents and equipment
* Electrical service entrances
* Solar collection pipes
* Grain augers
* TV aerials
* Masts, vents or pipes through decks or bulkheads
* Lighting conductors
* Pest control

WARRANTY: Manufacturer provides 20 year limited warranty.

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