2 in. Backer Rod, Hot Rod XL, Carton (228 ft.) - 2 in. DIAMETER (50mm) HOT ROD XL BACKER ROD, CROSS-LINKED CLOSED CELL, FOR HOT POUR. 6 FEET/PIECE. 38 PIECES/CARTON (228 FEET). PRICE/CARTON. (UPS shipment only, special freight available on quantity purchases).
2 in. Backer Rod, Hot Rod XL, Carton (228 ft.)
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2 inch Diameter (50mm) Hot Rod XL Backer Rod, Cross-Linked Closed Cell, For Hot Pour. 6 Feet/Piece. 38 Pieces/Carton (228 Feet). Price/Carton.


  • UPS shipment only, special freight available on quantity purchases.


Round, tan color, firm, resilient, polyethylene extruded closed celled foam with a water resistant outer skin. Cross Linked to provide high temperature and chemical resistance. Provides bond-breaker and controlled depth for sealants. Compresses up to 50 percent in smaller sizes and 30 percent in large sizes. Does not stick to sealants. Exceeds ASTM standards for bond breaking materials. No additional bond breaker is required. Very high moisture resistance. Will not absorb ground water. Compatible with all know types of sealants including butyl, polyurethane, silicones, tri-polymer, polysulfide, acrylic, etc.


  • Hot-Pour sealants, up to 410F
  • Rubber-Asphalt, coal-tar rubber, polymer sealants
  • Ground based expansion joints
  • Roadways / Highway joints
  • Parking lots
  • Isolation joints


Select a backer-rod diameter that is approximately 25% larger than the width of the joint.

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