1-1/2 x .148 in. Nail, Hot Dip Smooth Shank, 32 Deg Collated  FRH, 2000 - 1-1/2 in. x .148 in. HOT DIP GALV FRAMING NAIL, 32 DEGREE PAPER COLLATED, FULL ROUND HEAD, SMOOTH SHANK, 2000/BOX, PRICE/BOX.
1-1/2 x .148 in. Nail, Hot Dip Smooth Shank, 32 Deg Collated FRH, 2000
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1-1/2 inch x 0.148 inch Hot Dip Galv Framing Nail, 32-35 Degree Paper Tape Collated, Full Round Head, Smooth Shank. 2000/Box. Price/Box.


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Full round head, diamond point. Joist hangers, foundations anchors, seismic and hurricane straps and ties, standard tensile, non-hardened. Fits Senco HN150 and HN250 tools, and most other 32-35 degree collated metal hanger / metal connector nailers which take 0.131 - 0.148 1-1/2 inch full round head joint nails.


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