1/4 X 2-3/4 Concrete Tapper Screw, Phillips Flat Head,  410 SS (100) - 1/4 X 2-3/4 INCH CONCRETE TAPPER SCREW ANCHOR, PHILLIPS FLAT HEAD, 410 STAINLESS STEEL. POWERS # 4124. 100/BOX. PRICE/BOX.
1/4 X 2-3/4 Concrete Tapper Screw, Phillips Flat Head, 410 SS (100)
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1/4 inch X 2-3/4 inch Concrete Tapper Screw Anchor, Phillips Flat Head, 410 Stainless Steel. Powers # 4124. 100/Box. Price/Box.

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The TAPPER Anchoring System is a family of screw anchors, specially designed drill bits and installation tools designed to meet the needs of most light to medium duty applications in concrete, block and brick. The TAPPER concrete screw anchor is produced in either hex washer head or Phillips flat head styles from Perma-Seal coated or zinc plated carbon steel and Type 304 stainless steel. For heavy duty applications, the 3/8 inch size is made in zinc plated carbon steel.


  • Length: 1/4 inch X 3-1/4 inch


  • Heads: Hex and Phillips Flat
  • Lengths: 1-1/4 up to 6 inch
  • Shank: 1/4 and 3/16 inch
  • Materials: Perma Steel coated carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 410 stainless steel
  • Perma Seal Coating Colors: Blue, White, Silver, Bronze, Zinc
  • Tapper +: For hardened concrete, masonry, pressure treated lumber. ICC-ES tested



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