1-3/4 Stainless Shingle 5D Nails, Ring Shank, Hand Drive, 5 Lb. - 1-3/4 in. 304 STAINLESS STEEL HAND DRIVE 5D SHINGLE/SHAKE NAILS, RING SHANK, 14 GA x 7/32 in. HEAD. 5LB BOX. PRICE/BOX. MADE IN USA. (about 1685 nails; shipping leadtime 2-3 business days)
1-3/4 Stainless Shingle 5D Nails, Ring Shank, Hand Drive, 5 Lb.
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1-3/4 inch 304 Stainless Steel Hand Drive 5D Shingle/Shake Nails, Ring Shank, 14 GA x 7/32" Head. 5lb Box. Price/Box. Made In USA. (about 1685 nails)

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 2-3 business days.


304 stainless steel nail. Annular ring thread for maximum pull-out resistance. Checkered head for slip resistance. Slender shanks to minimize wood splitting (14 gauge / 0.083 inch shank). Made in USA.


  • Wood shingles.
  • Stainless Steel for extreme and corrosive climates.


  • Available sizes: 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/4, 2-1/2 inch lengths.
  • Packaging: 1lb, 5lb and 25 lbs boxes.
  • Materials: Also available in 316 Stainless Steel.


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