12 in. X 150 Ft, Roll Resin Coated Yellow Fiberglass Fabric (6) - 12 in. x 150
12 in. X 150 Ft, Roll Resin Coated Yellow Fiberglass Fabric (6)
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PRODUCT: 12" x 150' ROLL RESIN COATED YELLOW FIBERGLASS REINFORCEMENT FABRIC, 20 x 10 MESH. 6 ROLLS/CASE. PRICE/CASE. (special order item, 6-14 day leadtime; no returns)

* Yellow fiberglass resin coated glass fabric
* Glass membrane / woven fabric, 2 oz., 20 X 10 mesh, made with flexible filaments of glass
* Tensile strength of 75 lb/in., stability and durability, is acid and heat-resistant
* Will not rot or decay.
* Special yellow resin coating on the fabric is compatible with asphalt, coal tar cements and coatings, emulsions, solvent-based, and hot-melt types.
* High visibility yellow color enables roofers to see if coverage is complete and aids quality workmanship.

* YELLOW FIBERGLASS FABRIC is designed to reinforce plastic roof cement, wet or dry elastomeric flashing cement and coating when used in roof repair work, for flashings, and for sealing seams in metal and composition roofs.
* Used in below-grade waterproofing applications, tank lining systems, and for waterproofing planter boxes.
* Can be used with either hot bitumen, cold coatings, asphalt, tar, and various resin coatings.
* Woven non-hygroscopic, lightweight, high tensile strength, bi-directional fabric will not rot, tear or wear.
* Allows a high bitumen to fiber ratio to be achieved in a built-up roofing system.
* Can be used with hot bitumen, cold coatings, asphalt, coal tar, resinous coatings, cements and adhesives.
* Excellent repair fabric for both new and old construction in roofing and waterproofing applications.
* Other applications include: foundations, slabs, tunnels, subways, pipeline joint wrap, parapet wall treatment, tennis courts, plaza decks, HVAC, insulation and stucco.

TYPICAL USE GUIDELINE (see coating suppliers data sheet for specifics):
1. Apply roof cement to approximately 1.8" thick (or a coating to about 1/16")
2. Embed fiberglass smoothly without wrinkles or buckles.
3. Top coat fabric with roof cement (or coating) to the same thickness as the first layer, making sure the glass is entirely covered.
CAUTION: Use gloves and other protective clothing when handling this product.

ASTM D-1668-86 Type 1
Federal. Specification: HH-C466

* Oz. sq./yd: 2.00
* Thread Count per Inch: 20 x 10 (+/-1)
* Thickness: 0.005 inch average
* Tensile Strength:
- Warp (lbs./lineal inch): 75
- Fill (lbs./lineal inch): 75


Product is warranted by manufacturer to be free of defects for 90 days from date of purchase. No other warranties apply since many factors affect the results obtained (problems with cement or coating, surface conditions, weather, workmanship, and equipment utilized). Proof of purchase required. Terms of our other purchase conditions apply.

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