Ultrashield Elastomeric Roof Topcoat, Tan, (5G) - UltraShield Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Topcoat & UV Protector. Color: Regular  TAN. 5 gallon pail. Price/Pail.
Ultrashield Elastomeric Roof Topcoat, Tan, (5G)
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Product: UltraShield Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Topcoat & UV Protector. Regular TAN COLOR (medium tan). 5 gallon pail. Price/Pail.

Applications: Ideal for new or recoats over Foam Roofs, asphalt shingles, cap sheet, trailers, etc.

Features: "Ultra Shield" is a premium-quality high solids acrylic elastomeric coating. Ultra Shield contains highly reflective metal oxide pigments which also provide long lasting UV protection, very high reflectivity and high dirt-pick-up resistance. This high-tech acrylic polymer emulsion is a safe, easy to use water-base system, containing adhesion promoters and a superior reinforcing laminar additive. This combination allows outstanding adhesion properties, insulation, elasticity, reflectivity, excellent tensile, elongation, and ductility. The low stress coating will cure without curling the shingle.

Yield; Application Rate & Coverage: Mix well with power mixer. Apply in 2 separate coats using a 1-1/4" nap roller at the rate of 1.25 gallons per 100 sq ft area per coat (80 sqft/gallon). Let product cure overnight between coats. Do not forget parapet walls - they will add square footage. This is a thick product which dries in with an attractive matte finish.

Elongation: 250%. Test Method ASTM D-2370.
Tensile Strength: 410 psi Test Method ASTM D-2370.
Low Temp Flexibility Passed ASTM D-522 1/8" mandrel bend
Solids by Volume: 54%.
Solids by Weight: 65%.
Accelerated Weathering: Passed ASTM D-4798
Flash Point: None
Clean-up: Water.
Re-Coat Time: 4-8 hours in normal conditions (see data sheet).

Options: Available in popular desert colors by special order. Minimum orders may apply.

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