Roofmaster 7-Burner Dragin Wagon - Roofmaster 7-Burner Dragin Wagon, Modified Bitumen Roofing Applicator, with 35 foot hose, regulator, POL Adaptor. Capacity up to 1.2M BTU. Price/Each. (shipping leadtime 2-3 days)
Roofmaster 7-Burner Dragin Wagon
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Roofmaster 7-Burner Dragin Wagon, Modified Bitumen Roofing Applicator, with 35 ft. hose, regulator, POL Adaptor. Price/Each.

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  • Shipping leadtime: 2-3 days; oversized, UPS shipping only.


The powerful Seven Burner Dragin Wagon offers a high production propane torch system that is lightweight, rugged, fast and easily operated in torch down applications. Some Assembly Required. The two-way control valve that is permanently connected to the trigger handle allows the operator convenient fingertip control of the heat output. The torch manifold slides to adjust flame distance, height and angle for precision application of heat and speed of production. Up to 1,200,000 B.T.U.'s for a one square roll application in 3-5 minutes. Ships in a kit. Some assembly required.


  • Item #: 775507
  • Item Desc: Dragin Wagon - 7 Burner, U.L. Listed
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Shipping: Ships compacted. Some Assembly Required


  • 35 ft. hose, regulator with P.O.L. adaptor, excess flow check-valve.


  • 35-burners Dragin Wagin, Dual-Control handles.


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