Roofmaster 36 in. 4-Wheel Gravel Spreader - Roofmaster 36 in. 4-Wheel Gravel Spreader. Price/Each.
Roofmaster 36 in. 4-Wheel Gravel Spreader
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Roofmaster 36" 4-Wheel Gravel Spreader. Price/Each.

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The Roofmaster SPREADMASTER has an adjustable gate for an even 36 inch spread of rock, from pea gravel to 4 inch ballast. It's easy to use - and two to four times faster than manual labor methods. Constructed of heavy 14 gauge steel, the four-wheel design insures stability, while holding up to 6.5 cubic feet of material. Length: 46 inch Total Width: 56 inch Height: 36 inch Loading Height: 27 inch. Rear Wheels: 10x2.75 Front Wheels: 4.00x8 Smooth Pneumatics with 1 inch Roller bearings.

NOTE: The Roofmaster Spreadmaster is UNIQUE in the Roofing Industry with FOUR wheels. This keeps the rear wheels out of the delivered.


  • Item #: 507000
  • Item Desc: 36 inch - 4 Wheel Gravel Spreader
  • Weight: 186.000
  • Price Um: EA
  • Units/Pk: 1.000


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