Roofmaster Insulated Multi-Master Mopper - Roofmaster INSULATED Multi-Master Mopper (No Flat Lite). Price/Each.
Roofmaster Insulated Multi-Master Mopper
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Roofmaster INSULATED Multi-Master Mopper (No Flat Lite). Price/Each.

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This high production machine is used to install Metric Modified Cap sheets, using conventional or mop and flop methods of application, and as a high volume mopper for installing 48 inch wide insulation boards. With the turn of one valve, go from 48 inch wide application to 44 inch wide. With 55 gallons of capacity, you will make longer runs, insuring higher production. Valve is visible at the rear of the Multi-Master, so the operator can observe the flow of asphalt to avoid voids. Includes Non Flat Lite filled wheels for a no down time due to flat tires. This unit has insulation on the front and rear panels to help keep the asphalt hot longer.


  • Item #: 514802
  • Item Desc: INSULATED NFL Multi-Master Mpr
  • Weight: 170.000
  • Price Um: EA
  • Units/Pk: 1.000


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