Roofmaster Backpack Blower - Roofmaster Backpack Blower. Price/Each.
Roofmaster Backpack Blower
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Roofmaster Backpack Blower. Price/Each.

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Built for heavy-duty performance, the KTBL6500V incorporates a 4.6 hp, 64.7 cc Kawasaki engine with a dual ringed piston and a four bolt cylinder, a seamless single piece fan housing that is virtually immune from temperature fluctuations. It includes a lightweight aluminum fan, the combination of which results in air out of the pipes at 551 cfm at 201 mph. It has a heavy duty metal frame that protects the blower during use and transport. Included is a heavy duty air filtration system that enables the blower to be used in the harshest environments. It has a 68 oz fuel tank for longer intervals between fill-ups.


  • Item #: 453400
  • Item Desc: KTBL6500V TAS Backpack Blower
  • Weight: 21.000
  • Price Um: EA
  • Units/Pk: 1.000


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