3/16 X 3 in. Spike, Concrete Anchor, Zinc (100) - 3/16 in. X 3 in. SPIKE CONCRETE ANCHOR, ZINC PLATED CARBON STEEL. 100/BOX. PRICE/BOX.
3/16 X 3 in. Spike, Concrete Anchor, Zinc (100)
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3/16 inch X 3 inch Spike Concrete Anchor, (4.8 Mm X 76 Mm) Mushroom Head, Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Spike, Concrete Anchor. 100/Box. Price/Box.

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Concrete Spike Anchor / Roofing Anchor. Designed for roofing applications and general concrete anchoring the SPIKE® is a one-piece, vibration resistant anchor available in 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch diameters for use in fastening insulation, single-ply membrane, wood, and metal to structural concrete roof decks. ASTM B633 SC1 Type III Grade Zinc plating meets the corrosion resistance requirements. Designed for use in conjunction with insulation or membrane stress plates.

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