Professional Roofers Fall Protection Kit - Falltech Professional Roofer’s Kit. With #7016 regular size harness, #8150 5/8 x 50’ vertical lifeline, #8368 3’ ClearPack shock-absorbing lanyard w/integral self-tracking rope grab, #7410 reuseable roof anchor, 5G Pail. Meets ANSI Z359.2007. Price/Kit.
Professional Roofers Fall Protection Kit
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Falltech Professional Roofer’s Kit. Contains #7016 regular sized harness (fits S-L), #8150 3-strand 50’ vertical lifeline, #8368 3’ ClearPack shock-absorbing lanyard with integral alloy-steel self-tracking rope grab, #7410 reuseable roof anchor. Packed in 5-gallon Plastic Reuseable Bucket. Meets ANSI Z359.2007. PriceKit.


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Falltech's best roofer/contractor fall protection kit. A premium kit at a great price.

  • #7016 Contractor Grade Full Body Harness: Contractor vest-style, full body harness with back D-ring for fall arrest. Built with 6,300 lb. polyester webbing for long life.
    • 5-point Adjustment Harness
    • Single adjustable d-ring on back
    • Mating Buckle Leg Straps
  • #8150 5/8" X 50' 8,500 lb polyester lifeline rope. Features one double-locking snap hook and two spliced ends finished with steel thimbles and PVC shrink tubing to protect the splices. Gate meets 3600 lb ANSI Z359.2007 requirements.
  • #8368, Rugged alloy steel rope grab features closed construction for economy and structural integrity. Single cam and roller design allows the grab to track easily and smoothly up and down the line. Also features a permanently attached 3' ClearPack shock-absorbing lanyard which dramatically reduces arrest forces.
  • #7410 Hinged reuseable roof anchor.
  • Ships in reuseable 5-Gallon Plastic Pail with Lid.
  • Kit meets OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359.2007 Standards.

  • Available in other sizes: Extra Small, M-L, Extra Large, 2X, and 4X with Special Order.


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