3 in. Alum. Reroof Drain w/ 10 in. Poly Dome, Clamp Ring, Exp. Seal - 3 in. (Fits 2 3/4 in to 3 1/4 in) FAST FLOW RETROFIT/REROOF DRAIN SET FOR SINGLE PLY. 10 in. POLYETHYLENE DOME, POLY CLAMPING RING, 12 in. STEM x 16-1/2 in. SPUN ALUMINUM BASE AND EXPANDING SEAL. PRICE/SET.
3 in. Alum. Reroof Drain w/ 10 in. Poly Dome, Clamp Ring, Exp. Seal
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3 (Fits 2 3/4 In To 3 1/4 In) inch Aluminum "FAST Flow" Retofit/Reroof Drain Set For Single Ply. 10" Polyethylene Dome, Poly Clamping Ring, 12 Stem X 16-1/2" Spun Aluminum Base And Expanding Seal. Price/Set.

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Drain consists of a 16-1/2" O.D. 0.081" heavy gauge spun aluminum drain flange and expanding seal for anti-back-up with 12" long aluminum downspout sized for 3" (Fits 2 3/4 in. to 3 1/4 in.) pipe size, 10" OD Polyethylene dome strainer, poly gravel guard / clamping ring.


Re-Roof Fast Flow Drains: for quick and easy retrofit of existing roof drains. Re-roof Drains are the easiest and most reliable solution for deficient existing roof drains in re-roofing applications. Reroof drains are designed to fit into the existing drain pipe, thereby bypassing all the inherent deficiencies of the existing roof drain assembly and saving the expensive removal of the existing roof drain. To create a positive seal with the inside of the existing drain pipe, the drains have a special, compressed high-density  impregnated expanding seal. The special seal is activated to expand by removing a restraining tape immediately before installation into the existing pipe. A permanent elastic watertight seal is formed against the inside of the existing drain pipe eliminating water back up.  The ReRoof Drains are manufactured with a flat horizontal flange for flush mounting on the roofing or insulation surface to prevent damming of water. Each Drain includes a heavy cast clamping ring with bolts to securely compress and permanently seal the edge of the new roof membrane at its most vulnerable position- the low point of the roof. Dome strainers bolt down to securely prevent vandalism.


  • Fits Drains: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" size.
  • Strainers: PVC, Cast Iron, Cast Aluminum.
  • With or without expanding seal.
  • With or without clamp ring.

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