1 Inch Copper Roofing Nails, Smooth Shank (25 Lb) - 1 Inch LENGTH X 11 GA COPPER ROOFING / SLATING NAILS, SMOOTH SHANK, 3/8 Inch HEAD. 25 LB/BOX. PRICE/BOX. (about 5725 nails)
1 Inch Copper Roofing Nails, Smooth Shank (25 Lb)
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1" Length X 11 Ga Copper Roofing / Slating Nails, Smooth Shank, 3/8" Head. 25 Lb/Box. Price/Box. (about 5725 nails)

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 1-2 business days.


High quality US made nails. Ideal for applications requiring durable, non-rusting fasteners such as wood siding, redwood decks, marine craft, slate and tile roofs.


  • Meets ASTM F1667 and FFN-105B Standards.
  • Copper is min. 98% pure.
  • Head Size: 3/8".


  • Lengths: 3/4 to 3 inch
  • Gauge: 10 and 11 gauge
  • Shank: Smooth and Ring
  • Packaging: 1, 5 and 25 Lb


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