Peel &  Roof™ Self-Adhering Granulated Roofing, WHITE (1-roll) - MFM Peel & Roof™ Self-adhering Granulated Roofing. 39 inch X 33.5 ft/Roll (1-SQ installed). WHITE Color. Price/Roll. (1 roll available)
Peel & Roof™ Self-Adhering Granulated Roofing, WHITE (1-roll)
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PRODUCT: MFM Peel & Roof™ Self-adhering Granulated Roofing. 39" X 33.5'/Roll (1-SQ installed). WHITE COLOR. Price/Roll. (1 roll avaliable)

Self-adhering roofing membrane with a decorative granule surface. 90-mils thick with adhesive selvedge.

Peel & Roof is an attractive, granule surfaced, self-adhering roof membrane designed to be installed directly to the roof deck or to a secure underlayment. It is ideal for slopes greater than 1/2” per foot. Peel & Roof is composed of a strong, pliable polyester mesh infused with rubberized asphalt adhesive and coated with a top surface of decorative ceramic granules. A perforated release film protects the adhesive surface before installation and a 3” selvedge provides a secure, waterproof seal.

Applying Peel & Seal is easy. No tar, torches, mops, glues, tapes, or fasteners are required... a scissors or knife and hand roller are the only tools needed. Following preparation of the surface, simply peel off the release paper, unroll Peel & Seal to the proper length.

  • Utility knife
  • Hand Roller
  • Gloves
  • MFM Mastic+Plus™ or similar
  • Lucas Spray Adhesive
  • commercial buildings
  • additions
  • sheds
  • garages
  • barns
  • stables

Installation Instructions
Techncial Data Sheet

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