Protecto Wrap Jiffy Seal, Ice & Water Guard Butyl HT, 3x66 ft. (1) - Protecto Wrap aka #8133F36, Jiffy Seal, 300F High Temperature Butyl Adhesive, Ice & Water Guard Roofing Underlayment. 36 in. Wide By 66 ft. Long Roll. Price/Roll. (shipping leadtime 2-3 days)
Protecto Wrap Jiffy Seal, Ice & Water Guard Butyl HT, 3x66 ft. (1)
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Protecto Wrap aka #8133F36 Roofing Underlayment, Jiffy Seal, 300F High Temperature Butyl Adhesive, Ice & Water Guard. 36" Wide By 66' Long Roll. Price/Roll.

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  • Shipping leadtime: 2-3 business days.


Jiffy Seal BUTYL Ice & Water Guard is a tough, pliable sheet membrane designed to prevent moisture penetration and interior damage from water back up caused by roof ice dam buildup during winter season or by wind driven rain. For Very High Temperature, Highly Conductive Roofs and High Altitude Applications. Protects Your Roofs from Ice Dams and Wind Driven Rain. Featuring the Protecto Wraptor™ Tri-Layer Engineered Film Butyl Hybrid: A proprietary adhesive blend of butyl and rubberized asphalt. Contruction contains the Protecto FM™ Technology, which promotes excellent adhesion to the substrate at the molecular level and provides improved initial tack and facilitates easier application at low temperatures (40°F ). The butyl component contains the same 100% recycled post-consumer material base as our Butyl adhesive. Butyl Hybrid adhesive shares the same high temperature limitation as our rubberized asphalt adhesive (300°F) as well as the same chemical compatibility limitations.


  • Jiffy Seal® Ice & Water Guard HT BUTYL is self-sealing around properly installed anchors
  • Protecto Wraptor™ Engineered Tri-Layer Film
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Butyl Hybrid Adhesive
  • Split release film for easy installation and waste stream reduction
  • Excellent overlap adhesion
  • Temperature Range up to 300°F
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D1970
  • ICC Approval Pending


  • Metal Roofing, Metal Panels, Slate, Shake, Shingle
  • High Termperature Applications or conductive roofing
  • Up to 12 Month UV Exposure

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