Omega II Full Brim BLUE Full Brim Hard Hat, 6-Point Suspension With Ratchet - BLUE Full Brim Hard Hat, OMEGA II Full Brim 6-Point Suspension with Mega Adjustable Ratchet. Price/Each.
Omega II Full Brim BLUE Full Brim Hard Hat, 6-Point Suspension With Ratchet
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#19916 Full-Brim Hard Hat, Blue Color, Omega II 6-Point Suspension With Mega Ratchet Adjustment System. Price/Each.

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Fits most head sizes, with great comfort. Our most popular seller!


  • Unique secure-fit swivel ratchet fits 40+ head sizes and shapes with great comfort.
  • Soft band material conforms to wearers head for a more comfortable fit.
  • 6-Point impact absorbing nylon suspension.
  • Molded from high density polyethylene for maximum protection.
  • Secure-Fit ratchet features an easy turn knob. Each turn of the ratchet knob automatically locks the adjustment with 50 meshing teeth.
  • The no-slip hold maintains the desired fit even in the most physically active jobs or extreme conditions.
  • The ratchet fits low on the back of the neck assuring a comfortable fit on all shapes of heads.
  • Ratchet is cushioned with a thick sponge padding.
  • Made in America and meets ANSI Z89.1-2009, Type 1, Class C, E & G requirements.
  • Sold in singles or cartons of 12.
  • Replacement inside band materials and ratchet systems available.


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