Propane Tank Warmer. Fits Refillable 20lb Cylinders/5G Pails - Propane Tank / 5G Pail Warmer. Fits 20 lb. Refillable Propane Cylinders & 5G Pails. 120VAC 50 Watt with 6
Propane Tank Warmer. Fits Refillable 20lb Cylinders/5G Pails
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PRODUCT: Propane Tank Warmer 0609-PLWC, by Reasor Products. Fits 20 lb. Refillable Propane Cylinders & similar sized items. 120VAC 50 Watt with 6' Power Cord / Standard 2-Prong Connector. (Replaced with AW-0609-PLWC-LOW or AW-0609-PLWC-HI). Price/Each.

DESCRIPTION: The Propane Cylinder / 5G Pail warmer is the favorite of Food Trucks, Plumbers, Mechanical Trades and others using portable refillable 20lb propane tanks in cold climates.

The Propane Tank warmers features a unique patented warming wrap to heat and retain heat. Tank warmer (cylinder wraps) are designed for 20-lb refillable propane cylinders and cylinders that dispense spray foam and/or two part foam systems. These cylinders need to be at around 85° to dispense the optimum amount of material from the cylinders. That is what the cylinder wraps are designed to do, they have a thermostat that holds the temperature of the cylinders at the set-point. Requires only 50 watts of power, and has a convenient cord storage pouch on the front.
Hint: If your propane tank is still getting too cold during use, possible solutions are one or more of these options:
1. Use a larger tank.
2. Use a bigger line (3/8" to 1/2")
3. Use 2 (Dual) regulators.
4. Take propane from the liquid side.

  • Outer Material: Nylon Shell CPAI 84
  • Middle: Heat Retianing Flexible Barrier
  • Insulation: Closed Cell Polypropylene
  • Velcro Closure and Adjustable Cinch Straps
  • Maximum Heat Cycles 85 Degrees.
  • 11.5" High x 41" Long (wraps up to 19" diameter items such as propane cylinders and 20 lb. tanks such as spray foam tank (propane tank size)
  • Voltage: 120 VAC - 50 Watts
  • 6 Foot Cord with 2 Prong 110V Male Connector.
  • Convenient Cord Storage Pocket. 
  • Color: Red
  • Refillable Propane Cylinders
  • Spray foam tanks
  • Adhesives
  • Insulating Foam
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