Pipe Support, 4-10 in. Adjustable Strut , Black EPDM (box/5) - OMG Height Adjustable Height Strut Pipe Support, 10 inches wide, 4-10 inch height adjustment. Black EPDM Base. Supports pipe sizes 1/2 to 6 inch nominal. 800 lb. Load Capacity. 5/Box. Price/Box.
Pipe Support, 4-10 in. Adjustable Strut , Black EPDM (box/5)
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PipeGuard Rooftop Pipe Support, 4-10 inch Height Adjustable, 10 inch wide Galvanized Strut Channel with Black EPDM Base. Fits up to 6 inch Diameter Pipes, Supports 800 lbs. 5/Box. Price/Box.


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10-inch wide EPDM base that will not damage roof covers and provides strength and stability for achieving superior load capacity. 1-5/8 inch wide galvanized strut channel supports single or multiple pipes (strut clamps are sold separately). Accomodates up to 6 inch pipes. Supports up to 800 lb loads. Black EPDM base is long lasting and weather resistant in all climates. Supports all types of pipes: Steel, PVC pipe, copper tubing, solar, electric and HVAC conduit and more. Adjustable Heights: 4 to 10 inches.


  • 4 inch Pipe with 8.5 height. Also available in Safety Yellow HDPE Material.

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