Vertical Panel Channelizers, 45 in., Stackable, 30 lb, case/20) - Vertical Panel Channelizer / Safety Delineators. Stackable Design. 45 Inch High, Orange Fluorescent Color, 8 x 36 inch 3M Safety Reflector Stipes, 30 Lb. EPDM Rubber Base. Ships unassembled. 20/Case. Price/CASE. (use FreightQuote shipping)
Vertical Panel Channelizers, 45 in., Stackable, 30 lb, case/20)
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PRODUCT: Vertical Panel Channelizer / Safety Delineator. Stackable Design. 45 Inch High Orange Fluorescent Color, 8 x 36" 3M Safety Reflector Stipe on each side, 30 Lb. EPDM Rubber Base (ships unassembled). Case of 20 units. Price/CASE. (use FreightQuote shipping)

  • Designed to withstand repeated impacts with little or no damage to vehicles or unit
  • Stackable with or without base
  • Bright fluorescent color, manufactured from low density polyethylene utilizing polymer protection and UV stabilizers
  • Recessed panel with reflective sheeting
  • 8" wide x 36" high 3M Reflective Sheeting meets ASTM D4956-11A, TYPE III
  • Oversize handle with comfort grip
  • Meets ASTM D4956-11A Type IV
  • 3M Certificate of Conformance
  • Receptacle for flashing light mounting using standard size bolt and cup washers
  • Solid rubber bases made with 100% recycled rubber.
OPTIONS:   Base 20 or 30 lb options

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