M-1 Sealant Adhesive, GRAY, 28 Oz Tubes (Case of 12) - M-1 high performance structural sealant & adhesive, gray color, 28 oz. Tubes. 12/case. Price/Case.
M-1 Sealant Adhesive, GRAY, 28 Oz Tubes (Case of 12)
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PRODUCT: M-1 high performance structural sealant & adhesive, gray color, 28 oz. Tubes. 12/case. Price/Case.

APPLICATIONS: M-1 is a high performance silyl-terminated, solvent free, UV resistant, moisture curing polyether (tri-polymer). It is a multi-purpose structural sealant designed for difficult bonding and sealing applications. It bonds aggressively to EPDM, PVC, BUR, coal tar, SBS modified bitumen, granulated APP, asphalt shingles, many types of coated metal, metal flashing details and window glass. For TPO roofing, use TPO Primer together with M1 sealant.

Also excellent for underwater or below grade repairs. It can be used for emergency repairs of pools, ponds and flat roof repairs. M-1 is a non-slumping, self-fixturing mastic that cures with a tough durable rubber bond using atmospheric moisture.

M1 develops a high 45 Shore-A hardness and also excellent resistance to dirt pick-up. It is used for pool wall-to-deck repairs and more. It has a high resistance to damage from cleaning and ease of dirt removal.

M-1 is paintable within 24 hours.

M-1 develops 380 lbs. per square inch of shear strength on metal, masonry and wood. It is capable of 290% elongation and can accommodate dimensional changes in construction materials down to minus 20 degrees F, and is solvent free.

It's a tough adhesive capable of bonding steel deck to bar joists and metal sandwich panels to roof and wall purlins.

Contains no solvents or VOC's.

  • Concrete (fully cured / dry)
  • Block, Brick, Masonry, Stone
  • Metals, Aluminum, Galvanized
  • EPDM, PVC, SBS modified bitumen
  • Asphalt shingles, Granulated cap sheet
  • TPO roofing, with use of primer.
  • Glass, window frames
  • Wood, painted wood
  • Foam, Vinyl
  • Pool wall, pool tile adhesion
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Withstands ponding water
  • TPO primer is recommended for best results in all continuous immersion applications
  • Do not apply less than 40F. 50F+ recommended for application and cure
  • Do not use on Kynar finished metal roofing (Use Duralink)
  • Service Temperature: -40F to +200F continuous
  • Less than 1/2" thickness recommended
  • 1/4" and greater joint width
  • Do not apply over silicone sealants
Cures tack free in 35-45 minutes. Cures complete in 3 to 7 days depending on temperature, humidity and thickness. Higher temperatures and moisture accelerate curing cycle.

Bonding surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, oil and debris. If surfaces require cleaning, wire brush or use alcohol. Don't apply below 30F. See data sheet for detailed instructions.


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