EJC-25, Fast-Setting  2-Part Polyurea Joint Sealant (12-sets) - FastPatch EJC-25 Self Leveling Joint Sealant. 2-Component Rapid-Setting Flexible Polyurea Based Sealant for Expansion / Control Joints. Fuel Resistant. Dual 300ml X 300ml Cartridge Sets. 12-Sets/Case. Price/Case.
EJC-25, Fast-Setting 2-Part Polyurea Joint Sealant (12-sets)
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FastPatch EJC-25 Self-Leveling Joint Sealant. 2-Component Rapid-Setting Flexible Polyurea Based Sealant for Expansion / Control Joints. Fuel Resistant. Class-25 Expansion with 800% Elongation handles joints to 2 inches wide (see data sheet). Dual 300ml X 300ml Cartridge Sets. 12-Sets/Case. Price/Case.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime 1-2 business days.


PolyQuik EJC-25 is quick-set self-leveling expansion joint / crack repair product. Very Fuel Resistant (splash and spill fo jet fuel, gas, diesel)). Its designed for rapid repairs on concrete slabs, containment facilities, gas stations, roadways, bridges, sidewalks and airport runways. Its 800% elongation, highly elastic, self leveling, flexible at freezing temperatures, 100% solids, 0 VOC. PolyQuik EJC-25 can be used to seal cracks, expansion joints and control joints from 1/4 to 1 inch wide and up to 25% joint movement. For expansion joint movement greater than +/- 12.5% of original joint width (or 25% total joint movement), concrete priming is required. Prime with POLYQuik IK Primer, POLYPrime or an Epoxy Primer.

Meets Standards:

  • Type M, Grade P, Class-25.

Fuel Resistant:

  • Outperforms Silicones by 200-400% in JP-8 Jet Fuel Soak Tests. Recommended for splash and spill applications.


  • 12 Cartridge Sets: 300x300 ml Dual Cartridge (1:1 ratio)/set.
  • 1 Mixing Tubes per Set, 12 total included.

APPLICATION SUMMARY: See DataSheet for Details

  • SHAKE Cartridges WELL before opening
  • Remove the retaining nut and caps from the cartridge
  • Keep the cartridge upright during assembly
  • Place mix-tube on cartridge nozzle and hand tighten the retaining nut over the mix-tube
  • Keep cartridge upright and load into applicator gun
  • While pointing cartridge upright, trigger handle to remove any air trapped in cartridges
  • Point cartridge over waste container and dispense initial material (20-40mL) outside the jointing area
  • Stopping more then 30-seconds will clog mix-tubes
  • Fill the joint from the bottom up
  • Topping sand may be applied for texture or to speed tack-time


  • 750x750 mL cartridges
  • 5-gallon bucket sets
  • 50-gallon drum sets

More Product Information:


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Call us at 1-800-474-7570 or 602-272-8128
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