18 Inch Tubular Skylight, Flat or Pitched Roof - 18 Inch Tubular Skylight Model for Flat or Pitched Roofs, Clear Top Lens. Illuminates up to 500 quare foot area (equivalent to about 1000 watts). Price/Kit. (Shipping UPS only)
18 Inch Tubular Skylight, Flat or Pitched Roof
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18 Inch Tubular Skylight Model for Flat or Pitched Roofs, Clear Top Lens. Illuminates up to 500 quare foot area (equivalent to about 1000 watts), With 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Price/Kit.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping UPS only, Mfg# 18KXXX; Top lens is clear, not blue.


18 inch tubular skylights are designed for homes and commercial buildings built at 24 inch on center construction. The tubular skylights operate completely on the sun's solar energy. No wiring or switches - just free light with all the positive benefits of natural lighting. The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. The tubular skylights are available in three sizes for standard residential home installations: 10 inch, 13 inch and 18 inch tubular skylights.

The 18 inch tubular skylight kit includes: a high-impact acrylic dome, a flashing (pitched or flat), 4 feet of light pipe, energy conservation kit, ceiling collar, decorative trim ring, diffuser - 2 styles available and all hardware needed.


Tubular Skylight
  • Light Output: Illuminates up to 500 sq. ft.(Equivalent of up to 1000 watts)
  • Performance Features: Unique condensation release system prevents moisture build-up. Low-profile unit blends seamlessly into roof line. Built-in UV protection prevents fading on clothing, furniture and rugs. Bug and dust proof sealing system. Water tight and maintenance free. Several models available to fit all roof types. Quick and easy installation. No structural changes or wiring required
  • Fits All Roof Types: Flat roof, Sloped roof, Asphalt, tile, clay, Wood shake
  • Tubular Flashing
  • Flashing Colors: Unpainted aluminum, Powder-coated black
  • Diffuser Styles: Prismatic diffuser, Soft white diffuser
  • Common Application: Master bedrooms, Master bathrooms, Large kitchens, Large family rooms, Large living rooms, Large garages, Commercial offices


  • Manufacturer provides 25 years on the solar panel, fan and motor. A mail in warranty registration card is included with each unit.


  • In order to qualify for tax credits as defined in the emergency stabilization act, the solar attic fan must have been placed in service on your home on June 1, 2009 through December 31, 2016.


Accessories available

  • Electric light kit
  • Dimmer kit
  • Additional light pipe
  • Angle adapter (elbow)

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