Tex-Trude Xtreme Mastic (5G) - Tex-Trude Xtreme Pipe Flashing Mastic, for use with Xtreme Polyolefin Vapor Barriers. Water-Based Polymer-Modified Anionic Bituminous/Asphalt. 5-Gallon Pail. Price/Pail.(shipping leadtime 2-3 days)
Tex-Trude Xtreme Mastic (5G)
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Tex-Trude Xtreme Mastic Water-Based, Polymer-Modified Anionic Bituminous/Asphalt. Black Color. 5-Gallon Pail. Price/Pail.

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  • Shipping leadtime: 2-3 days.


Tex-Trude Xtreme Mastic is a rapid curing water-based, polymer- modified anionic bituminous/ asphalt used to seal penetrations in Polyolefin vapor barrier sheeting. 36 Pails/Pallet.

Tex-Trude Xtreme Mastic is designed to be installed around penetrations (pipes) protruding through the vapor barrier. It is very effective when sealing more than one penetration that are close together.

Tex-Trude Xtreme Mastic has an outstanding bond to the Tex-Trude Xtreme Vapor barrier and when used properly helps aid in the protection of concrete from vapor transfer.

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