Last Chance Propane Adapter, 1-20 Female x 1-5/16 Acme Male - Last Chance Propane Adaptor, 1-20 Female Inlet x 1-5/16 Inch Male Acme, with Quick Closing Poppet Outlet. Price/Each.
Last Chance Propane Adapter, 1-20 Female x 1-5/16 Acme Male
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Product: 1"–20 Female Inlet x 1-5/16" Male ACME, with Quick Closing Poppet Outlet. Price/Each.

  • Provides a quick way to change from a 20 LB refillable cylinder to a 1 LB disposable cyclinder.
  • Inlet: 1"–20 Female
  • Outlet: 1-5/16" Male ACME
  • Quick Closing Autoshutoff Poppet
  • Can be used to connect a small 1 pound disposable cylinder to a gas grill or other appliance.

Installation instructions:
  • Close valve on 20 lb. cylinder and remove from beneath grill before using. (For POL Application Remove Internal Gasket on Last Chance Adapter Before Installation )
  • Connect to appliance
  • Connect adapter to disposable cylinder (Either 14.1 oz. tall or 16.4 oz. short)
  • Leak check connections at the disposable cylinder and at the appliance B connection using a mixture of water and non-ammonia soap
  • The disposable cylinder should be used in the upright position to assure vapor feed (CAUTION: Do not use the adapter in the upside down position. This will result in feeding liquid propane into the gas train and result in a fire hazard)
  • Remove disposable cylinder from Last Chance Adapter and dispose of empty tank (in proper waste receptacle before removing adapter from appliance hose)

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