Acme Extend-A-Flow for Two Camping Tee - 1-5/16 Inch Female Acme x 1-5/16 Inch Male Acme / Female Pol with Quick Closing Poppet x 1 Inch-20 Male with Cap. Price/Each.
Acme Extend-A-Flow for Two Camping Tee
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Product: 1-5/16" Female Acme Inlet x 1-5/16" Male Acme/Female POL With Quick Closing Poppet Outlet x 1"-20 Male Outlet. Price/Each.

  • Inlet: 1-5/16" Female Acme
  • Outlet: 1-5/16" Male Acme/Female POL with Quick Closing Poppet
  • Outlet: 1"-20 Male
Warning: An excess flow valve will not activate if there is a break or leak downstream of the valve that does not equal or exceed the closing flow of the valve or if the excess flow valve installed exceeds the flow capacity of the system. See the Excess Flow Warning page for more information.

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