#5 BLACK SILICONE Rubber Square-Base Flashing Boot - #5 BLACK SILICONE Rubber Flashing Boot, 10.9 x 10.9 Inch Square-Base, 4-5/8 inch High, 3-1/2 Open Top. Fits 4 to 8 inch OD Pipes/Rods (102 - 203mm). Price/Each.
#5 BLACK SILICONE Rubber Square-Base Flashing Boot
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PRODUCT: #5 BLACK SILICONE Rubber Flashing Boot, 10.9 x 10.9 Inch Square-Base, 4-5/8 inch High, 3-1/2" Open Top. Fits 4" to 8" OD Pipes/Rods (102 - 203mm). Price/Each.  
FEATURES: Our newest design utilizing the most advanced materials along with an expanded fit range and greater product life. Now in BLACK SILICONE !
  • BLACK Color SILICONE: color matches with all applications and materials
  • Silicone Sytem: Longer service life; greater stretch and hold; survives more extreme temperatures; excellent chemical resistance; very high electrical resistance.
  • Multi-Size: Fits all applications from 4" to 8" pipes or rods (102 to 203mm)
  • Oversize Base: 10.9 x 10.9 inch base enables easy fits on standing seam roofs and across irregular shapes.
  • Glossy Finish Silicone Rubber: Sheds dirt and stays looking like new for many years.
  • Greater Temperature Ranges:  COLD: -100F (-74C); HOT: +374F (+190C) continuous; 400F (204C) intermittant.
  • Flame Resistance: UL 94.
  • Value Engineered: Best Price-Performance ! 
APPLICATIONS: Solar Mounts, Electrical Conduit or Services, Hot Pipes, Kitchen Vents, B-Vent, Conduit, A/C Pipes, Water Heater Vents, Steam Pipes, Hot Water Pipes, Chemical Pipes, Gas Water Heater Vents (double wall), Double Wall Gas-only Fireplaces. Other applications need to meet the temperature design limits noted. Not recommended for single wall chimney pipes.
Flexible Base Design:  Seals tightly; the flexible base is compatible with all roofing material -- metal, plastic, asphalt, tile, PVC, TPO, EPDM rubber membrane, and more.

Resilient Design
Performance is unaffected by:
• Ice/snow
• Hail stones
• Vibration
• Expansion/Contraction

Environment Control:  Provides a permanent long-term seal that controls gaseous or liquid environments to eliminate leakage and odor contamination.

Corrosion-Resistant Base:  Base is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy for flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Roof Pitch-Adaptability:  The stepped-cone design makes easily adapts to most roof pitches.

INSTALLATION: Uses about 24 stainless steel screws and 0.28 tubes of sealant

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