Polyurethane Injection Foam, w/Static Mixer (22 oz) - Hydra Stop 300 Hydrophobic Polyurethane Injection Foam in Dual-Component Dual-Cartridge. Seal Leaks in Concrete Cracks. Includes Hydra Stop 300 (~ 22 oz. net product), 824 Static Mixer, Flexible Dispensing Hose. Price/Kit.(UPS Ground Shipping Only; Ships
Polyurethane Injection Foam, w/Static Mixer (22 oz)
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Applied Technologies Hydra Stop 300 Hydrophobic Polyurethane Injection Foam in Dual-Component Dual-Cartridge. Seal Leaks in Concrete Cracks. Includes Hydra Stop 300 (~ 22 oz. net product), Hose, and 824 Static Mixer. Price/Kit.(UPS Ground Shipping Only; ships from Ohio).

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Applied Technologies Hydra Stop 300 is a low pressure injection polyurethane foam. Its a low viscosity single component hydrophobic polyurethane with good flexibility. Its used to seal leaks in concrete cracks and joints. Hydra Stop 300 is packaged in a handy 300 cc x 300 cc (22 oz.) cartridges and used with a dual cartridge gun for dispensing. Hydra Stop 300 will foam and expand reacted with water, cuts off water penetration. Finished surface can be sanded flat and painted.

Where to Use:

  • Concrete foundation wall cracks
  • Concrete basement wall cracks
  • Concrete retaining wall cracks
  • Concrete swimming pools


  • Single component formula
  • Low viscosity
  • Reacts with water to foam
  • Expands up to 25 x initial volume
  • Stops water leaks
  • Closed cell foam stops water
  • Non-shrinking after curing
  • Superior adhesion to concrete
  • 10-15 minute full cure


  • 300cc x 300cc (22 oz) Hydra Stop 300 Hydrophobic Polyurethane foam cartridge
  • 1/4" x 24 824 Element static mixer
  • Flexible Dispensing Hose

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