Crack-Tite Concrete Floor / Slab Crack Repair, Polyurea, 100 ft. - Applied Technologies Crack-Tite. Quick-Cure Concrete Floor / Slab Crack Repair, for 50-100 feet. A 2-component high-strength low-viscosity A-Tech 1300 Gray Polyurea in 300x300ml cartridge (~19 oz net). Price/Set. (UPS ground only)
Crack-Tite Concrete Floor / Slab Crack Repair, Polyurea, 100 ft.
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Applied Technologies Crack-Tite. Quick-Curing Concrete Floor / Slab Crack Repair Polyurea. A high-strength, low-viscosity repair adhesive. A 2-component A-1300 Gray Polyurea packed in a 300x300ml dual cartridge (~ 19 oz net). Includes A-Tech 1300 Polyurea Adhesive, 3/16 x 48 Static Mixer, Crossover Restrictor, Instructions. Price/Set.

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A two-component, high-strength, quick-curing ultra-low viscosity polyurea used in repairing smaller inside concrete floor cracks, spalls and delaminations. A cure time of 10 - 20 minutes allows the quick return of foot and vehicle traffic. Product is as strong as an epoxy but faster setting. This makes it perfect for repairing cracks in flat concrete. Concrete spalls are easily repaired with the fast setting self leveling material. When used with silica sand the repair looks like natural concrete. Ideal for interior spaces like warehouse floors, garage floors, high foot traffic areas and heavy use sections. Repairs about 50-100' of smaller cracks. Not UV resistant. Crack-Tite A-Tech 1300 can also be mixed with sand (not included) to make a repair grout for large spalls, or to better match the concrete appearance. Application uses a 2-component dispensing gun (not included).

Where to Use:

Use to repairing cracks or small spalls in flat concrete. Indoors (Not UV resistant). Concrete basement floor cracks. Concrete slab cracks. Concrete Overlays. Pool Decks (which will be overcoated). Warehouse Floors. Limitations: Do not use in expansion joints or vertical applications. Not recommended in sun exposure areas.


  • Very fast cure (20 minutes @ 70 degrees F)
  • Ultra low viscosity (20 cps)
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Rigid material
  • Self leveling
  • UV resistant


  • A-Tech 1300 300cc x 300cc (~20 oz) Cartridge for Polyurea
  • Cross-Over Restrictor
  • 3/16" x 48 Element Static Mixer

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