Watts RD-9512 Downspout Cover, 12 in., Stainless Steel - WATTS RD-956 Downspout Cover, Stainless Steel. Fits 12 in. Downspout Pipe Size. Price/Each. (leadtime 2-4 days)
Watts RD-9512 Downspout Cover, 12 in., Stainless Steel
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WATTS RD-956 Downspout Cover, Fits 12 in. Downspout Pipe Size, Stainless Steel. Price/Each.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 2-4 business days.


Watts Drainage Products RD-950 Series stainless steel downspout cover. Installed on an exterior wall at the termination of drainage piping. See installation instructions below. Stainless steel frame with fabricated secured perforated stainless steel hinged strainer. Hinged downspout cover prevents birds/animals from entering piping. Design directs water away from building to prevent staining. Stainless steel construction provides long product life with decorative finish.


  • Sizes: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 inches.
  • Vandal Resistant Secured Top.

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