Leathercraft #345 Professional Kneepads (pair) - Leathercraft #345 Professional Kneepads, Black. Price/Pair (2).
Leathercraft #345 Professional Kneepads (pair)
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Leathercraft #345 Professional Kneepads, Black. Price/Pair (2).

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Leathercraft #345 Professional Kneepads. Super thick (1/2 inch) high-density closed-cell foam for all day comfort. Ideal for roofing, and where slip resistance is more necessary.


  • Crafted from super-tough 600D polyester fabric.
  • Breathable neoprene lower straps secure below the knee for best comfort.
  • Large caps are oversized for added protective coverage.
  • Two-strap fastening for added stability.


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Call us at 1-800-474-7570 or 602-272-8128
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